“On Buffy, even the Vampire Spike is tamed by these soft and smooth puffs. And the vamps love the animal print!”
Todd McIntosh / Supervising Make-up Artist
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

“Not only did I use Forever Puffs on Minnie Driver and Heather Graham they took them home P.S. Please send more!”
Victoria Down / Head of the Make-up Department
New Cardiff

“They work a million times better than a brush! I use it for my powder and my bronzer, it goes on way faster and seems to cling better than a brush.”
Marianna Li / Flight Attendant
Air Canada

“Not only are Forever Puffs functional, but they’re fun too! My make-up has never looked so good. I love them!”
Amanda Tapping
Actress - Stargate SG-1

“I love Forever Puffs. I had one of my students use a puff on me during a class, the way it fits under the eye was perfect.
Forever Puff is soft, comfortable and feels great on the skin. Also I like knowing that I could reuse my puffs and that they can survive numerous washings.”

Marietta Carter-Narcisse / Make-up Artist / Educator
Los Angeles, CA

“The great new shapes and fun patterns of these perfectly plush powder puffs are fantastic! You want to hold them in
your hand or caress your face with them all day. To use them once is to be hooked forever.”

Jayne Brook / Actress - Chicago Hope
Los Angeles, CA

“These puffs are so soft, cute and fun I just have to have one in my purse at all times”.
Eliza Dushku / Actress – Buffy / Tru Calling
Los Angeles, CA

“I love them! These Forever Puffs truly retain their shape and softness wash after wash. And finally a puff for getting
into small areas.”

Gail Kennedy / Makeup Dept. Head
Calgary, Alberta

"Hi Fay, just wanted to give you feedback on those finger puffs you sent me, I absolutely love them!
I have been doing a shoot with wigs and moustaches and they have been perfect for pressing down the lace
and lifting shine from a small area! So thank you."

Nina Gan / Make-up Artist
United Kingdom

"I've always used the Forever Puff to correct mistakes and press in powder or highlighter. Not only are they an amazing... gifts! Fay is an absolute pleasure to deal with, and they truly last forever!"
Sue Kaplan / Makeup Artist / Fabulous Faces by Sue
New York


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